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​DIY No Sew Valentine's Day Tea Towel Apron and Kitchen Gifts

​DIY No Sew Valentine's Day Tea Towel Apron and Kitchen Gifts

Posted by Debra Quartermain on 22nd Jan 2020

DIY No Sew Valentine Tea Towel Apron and Kitchen Gifts

Valentine’s Day is coming up and it is the perfect time to create a small gift for a friend or family member like your mother or grandmother. The DIY No Sew Valentine tea towel apron and kitchen gifts are also a nice way to treat yourself especially if you are entertaining for Valentines and love to decorate. The selection of tea towels available around any holiday are so pretty and inexpensive.

A tea towel apron is a quick and easy project. Pair it with a matching tea towel and pot holder like this fun XOXO Trio.

Supplies You Will Need:

Valentine Tea Towel Set

1 yard mini pom pom trim

1 yard tassel trim

2 yards of lace

1 yard of ribbon

1/2 yard of braid

Appliques of choice

9” x 12” craft cut Kunin Classicfelt™️ - Black

Beacon Fabri-tac®️ Adhesive


1. Cut out small black felt heart. Adhere an applique to center of heart. Glue pom pom trim around edge.

2. Glue tassel trim across lower edge of tea towel. Glue lace 1/2” up from lower edge.

3. Fold opposite corners over and press. Glue in place. Measure around neck with the stretch lace and glue to opposite corners.

4. Cut ribbon in half and glue each end halfway down each side.

5. Adhere heart on top of the lace.


6. Cut a rectangle from felt. Cut off two corners to create pocket. Adhere to apron. Glue pom pom trim around edge of pot holder. 

7. Add applique to second towel. The one chosen had a heart in the design and the applique can be added right there. Glue two rows of braid along the bottom then add ribbon bow. 

Want to create more of a sparkle use sequin trims and metallic ric rac to create a monogram set.

Invited to a get together take along a “Home Sweet Home” kitchen set for the host/hostess.

How fun are these reversable flip sequin LOVE appliques!  Add flip sequin patches to kitchen towels or a premade apron, just add trim along the bottom. All of these trims can be affixed securely with Beacon Fabri-Tac, it is both flexible and washable.

Enjoy creating with Trims by the Yard! 


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Author: Debra Quartermain has been sewing and crafting her entire life. Author, licensed designer and blogger in the creative and sewing industries. Sharing her love of making and celebrating from her historic 175-year-old home, a five-star B&B in eastern Canada. Mimi to eleven grandlittles, there is always a crafty adventure happening!