What Will Be The Embellishment Trends For 2020?

What Will Be The Embellishment Trends For 2020?

Posted by Debra Quartermain on 31st Dec 2019

Happy New Year! Look what we are serving! We have been celebrating with some of our very favorite trims! From trimming table linens to an added glam border on a basic little black dress, we are partying in style! 

Mixing up silver and gold together especially if you cannot decide what trim to use. Sequin trims can be added easily using a fabric adhesive to plain napkins or table runner. Add a border to a sleeve or dress hem. The narrow trims are very flexible, and you can even create initials or looped designs. 

TIP: Draw design lightly with a chalk pencil. For smaller items use a narrower trim and add an elegant applique in the corner. Find sequin trims here.

Trends for 2020 are concentrated around sustainability in the fashion world. Upcycling becomes a new mindset and lifestyle as the growing environmental impact of throw away fashion is brought into the forefront. Garments can be rejuvenated and updated with the addition of a stylish trim or applique. Oh, the appliques! Just look!

Creating an evening bag or small purse inspired by the iconic Mary Frances elegant bejeweled bags. We have elegant beaded rhinestone and gem trims. Check them out!

Calling all home sewers and fashionistas! Creating a one of a kind designer inspired outfit is as easy as adding a special elegant trim which can elevate a garment to an exquisite one of a kind designer piece.

With the new show, Katy Keene debuting shortly creating your own signature wardrobe will become an even bigger trend. "You don't have to be rich to be stylish. We would get inspired by our favorite designers and make our own pieces," says Katie Keene recalls a special memory she has of her mom as a little girl. Be inspired here.

From Prom Dresses to wedding gowns, from the designer to the excited graduate or bride to be, choosing the fabrics and the gorgeous trims to complete this one of a kind truly special garment. We know how important these decisions are. Check out Trims By The Yard's beautiful bridal collection of trims here. Create elegant wedding accessories like a tulle veil with appliques, a wedding garter, and a tulle bow to personalize your special day. 

Of course, we also have trims and appliques that are just fun, pom pom trim is a perennial favorite. We have all sizes and colors! Find the pom pom collection here.


Glue trims in small sections using a hem as your guide or if gluing along the center, measure and mark your line with chalk.

Iron on appliques can also be glued on if the garment material is not suitable for iron on.

Always cut trims a little longer than needed, better to trim off excess than cut too short, often fabric stretches a little when you are working with it.

We are looking forward to the year ahead and sharing inspiration to trim up your home, your celebrations and your style! Here is to a fabulous 2020!


Debra Quartermain has been sewing and crafting her entire life. Author, licensed designer and blogger in the creative and sewing industries. Sharing her love of making and celebrating from her historic 175-year-old home, a five-star B&B in eastern Canada. Mimi to eleven grandlittles, there is always a crafty adventure happening!