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Wrap Your Gifts Like A Pro; 6 Easy Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas

Wrap Your Gifts Like A Pro; 6 Easy Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas

Posted by Debra Quartermain on 8th Nov 2019

It is November and the holidays are just around the corner! Can you believe it? Decorating, gift buying and wrapping of course. And oh, the paper choices are so varied and pretty. Wrapping gifts is one of my very favorite holiday activities. Choosing the wrapping papers and oh then the trimmings! Are you looking for easy Christmas present wrapping ideas to make your packages a beautiful work of art? Trims by the Yard can help you artfully decorate you packages like a pro. We have many choices of pretty and sparkly trims to create one of a kind holiday decorated. gifts. You don’t even need to hire a gift-wrapping service! Here are some easy and elegant DIY Christmas gift wrapping ideas that surely will make the receiver feel special. Trimming Christmas packages can be achieved with few supplies: fabric glue, scissors and of course, gorgeous trims by the yard!

In just a few minutes these packages were wrapped, and cute pom pom trim was added. This mini trim is ideal for any size package. You can also wind the pom pom trim up and glue into a circle give it an extra special look add an applique to the front of the package instead of a bow.

TIP: Always add an extra inch to the trim when cutting for any project, you can trim the excess off after gluing in place or turn the ends under depending on the trim used.

I found this glittered car ornament to add to the gift stack. There is something about presents in co-ordinating papers that makes gift-giving even more special. After all, they will be under the tree for a few days and admired before being opened.

Thrifty tip: The trims can be saved and reused, and some people save the paper too. All good for the environment and pocketbook!

Gift cards are often given for presents. Disguise the gift cleverly in a pretty box like this. The paper mache box was painted, glittered and then the fringe trim glued on. Spiraled pom pom trim was added to the top. Glue on a bow or applique. Add your gift card and a sweet surprise package is ready!

I have a thing for miniature houses and loved this paper and this multi-color pom pom trim. I glued a plain ribbon underneath the pom pom trim to showcase the trim even more!

Kids’ packages are really fun to decorate, and the fringe trim picks out a color in the paper, but the star is the tulle and the bows. These are the kind of packages that make little eyes grow wide with wonder.

TIP: Use tulle that comes in the 6” wide rolls and fold in half to create a ribbon width to wrap around parcels. It will stretch a little when tied and slip off easily when unwrapped.

Now, who could resist this adorable cactus gift wrap especially when they are wearing Santa hats! I chose to keep the pom pom trim simple. White is the best choice as the paper is predominantly red.

TIP: Consider the paper pattern color when choosing trims, the accent colors in the paper are a guide to choosing. They pop against the dominant paper color.

Using a variety of ribbons and trims adds a special personal touch to each gift package and the recipient will be very pleased to receive such a beautifully wrapped gift, stylish and elegant can be easy!

More Holiday Trim ideas:

  • Add trim to the edge of a ready-made table runner. Use an adhesive and just glue. TIP: Check to make sure your product is washable like Beacon’s Fabri-tac if the item needs to be washed.
  • Create matching chair accessories with a simple tulle bow or rosette and add a Holiday patch to the center.
  • Trim up a plain pillow and add an applique in the center or two or three!
  • Wall hangings, banners, wreaths all can be made holiday-ready by simply adding trims! 

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Watch for posts coming up featuring holiday stockings and décor ideas, all quick and easy and totally fabulous!


Debra Quartermain has been sewing and crafting her entire life. Author, licensed designer, and blogger in the creative and sewing industries. Sharing her love of making and celebrating from her historic 175-year-old home, a five-star B&B in eastern Canada. Mimi to eleven grandlittles, there is always a crafty adventure happening